Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's Hear It For Miss California

Since we mentioned her little dustup with that freak Perez Hilton yesterday, we figure it was worth some more intensive research to bring you all the yummy goodness that is Carrie Prejean, Miss California, who probably is more recognized now than Miss USA winner, Kristen Dalton.

So in the public interest, we bring you a few more photos of the lovely Miss Carrie Prejean, who apparently hails from La Jolla. I always knew there was a reason I like visiting that town.

For those of you into black and white photography, we haven't forgotten you.

I believe the operative words here are hubba hubba.

Of course, since Kristen Dalton of North Carolina was the actual winner, we hereby pay homage to her.

How does she feels about gay marriage?

Who cares? All I know is I have a sudden urge to climb trees. And with that, another bikini shot of Miss Dalton.

Memo to Donald Trump: I'm much more qualified to judge these ladies than that freak Perez Hilton. I'll be happy to participate next year.

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