Wednesday, April 22, 2009

President of Earth Celebrates Earth Day, Calls On Ted Kennedy to Stop Obstructing Nantucket Sound Wind Farms

President Obama today will set about exploiting Earth Day to shove more massive amounts of economy-crushing legislation down out throats.
President Bill Clinton marked Earth Day in 1994 by promising to "green" the White House from its landscaping to its copy machines. But President Barack Obama and his supporters pledged themselves to a far more ambitious goal on Tuesday—combating climate change all over the world.

On Capitol Hill, where Democrats command majorities in both houses of Congress, House Democrats began three full days of hearings on a massive energy and climate-change bill, inviting testimony from three Cabinet secretaries and more than a dozen captains of industry, labor and the environmental movement.

Obama, meantime, prepared to visit a wind turbine manufacturer in Iowa this week to champion his push to cap greenhouse gas emissions and boost renewable alternatives to fossil fuels.
Also, in a bold political masterstroke, Obama will also demand Saint Edward of Hyannis and his political cronies in Massachusetts to stop obstructing the Cape Wind Project.
"I realized after 78 Massachusetts lawmakers signed a petition and delivered it to my Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that those obstructing progress in the state of Massachusetts are my political benefactors," Obama said.

"As I've said before, the days of political cronyism are over and today I call on Senators Kennedy and Kerry to stop blocking progress and enter the 21st century. They are costing Massachusetts taxpayers millions with their own selfish interests and this has to stop."
Obama was immediately given a Profiles in Courage Award from the Kennedy Center for his brave stand against the Kennedys.

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