Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trial of Would-Be Ramstein AFB Bombers Begins Today

While Mr. Barry O is going around the world apologizing for being an American, there is a group of people who apologize for nothing.

Today in Germany the trial begins for a group of Muslims who were planning to plant bombs at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and other places. Two of the men on trial are converts to Islam. One of them converted while a teenager. Sound familiar? Like Johnny Walker Lindh or Adam Gadahn, the Al Queda American propaganda chief.
Intelligence services say that it has links with al-Qaeda. Using detonators — supplied, the state prosecutor claims, by Attila Selek, 24, a German citizen of Turkish origin — the gang prepared bombs with the explosive force of 410kg (904lb) of TNT, to be set off in and around the US Ramstein air base and other targets.
The enemies of the non-Islamic world are not going to stop. They are not going to go away. And they damn sure are not going to apologize for anything they have done. Liberals seem to have this pie in the sky belief that if you just make nice everybody will sit around the camp fire and sing Kumbaya. Our only chance at this point is that the terrorists laugh themselves to death, which may open us up for further allegations of torture.
They seemed to be average German boys, the offspring of divorced parents, impatient to leave school, and interested in American football.
I am glad the German police were on top of things and prevented these attacks from occurring, but I am constantly reminded of something Donald Rumsfeld said, "we have to be right 100% of the time, they only have to be lucky once."

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