Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Died and Made Mario Lavandeira Boss?

I had no idea freaky boy's real name was Mario Lavandeira. I had suspected the name on his birth certificate may have said Luntz, based on his hairstyle.

Whatever the case, someone in the media has stepped up to ask: Who put this twit in charge of popular culture?
So wait … how is it Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger who built a career by drawing male genitalia and cartoon cocaine on celebrity photos, is now the media’s official spokesperson on one of the most important civil rights issues in America?

Oh, yeah! The Internet … the same series of tubes that gave us LOL Cats, Chocolate Rain, Susan Boyle and easily accessible pornography. God love you, Internet. You sure do keep our world interesting.

Whether or not you follow Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant, it’s hard to escape the fallout following Sunday’s nationally televised event. During the Q&A portion of the pageant, “celebrity judge” Hilton asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean, whether she supported gay marriage.
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Speaking of Trump, who's been unusually silent (for him), he finally commented today and noted most of the calls and emails he's received have been supportive of Carrie Prejean.
The owner of the Miss Universe franchise finally addressed the scandal surrounding his Miss USA pageant to FOX News Thursday, saying that he has received thousands of calls and letters, the majority of which support Miss California's comments on gay marriage.

Trump had been mum during the firestorm that followed the Sunday telecast, when first runner up Carrie Prejean's responded to a question about the controversial issue of gay marriage.
Considering the overwhelming majority of Americans do not support gay marriage, including President Obama, this really comes as no surprise. Maybe Mario Lavandeira and all the Hollywood nitwits so quick to jump on Prejean might want to step back and realize they're the ones in the minority on this issue.

Then they might want to consider growing up.

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