Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Violence in the Workplace: Stiletto-Wielding Rival Attacks Novice Stripper

The one tossing the stiletto is in her forties. The victim is reportedly 52.

Why, this is what we've come to in the Obama economy, 52-year-olds forced to strip.
A 52-year-old woman who took a job as an exotic dancer to help make ends meet was attacked on her first day by a jealous co-worker armed with a stiletto shoe, police said.

The altercation occurred Friday night at Club 1245 at 1245 E. Tallmadge Ave., according to Akron police.

The victim received multiple cuts to her face that were treated at a local hospital with seven staples, police said. She has refused to discuss the incident with detectives.

Police said the victim needed extra money and got the job with the help of a friend. Friday was her first day, and as she walked into the basement dressing room, she was attacked by a co-worker armed with the shoe, police said.

''The other girls were upset she was there and said, 'We don't need any more dancers around here,' '' Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said.

A dancer then took her high-heeled shoe and began striking the rookie stripper in the face, police said. The victim was taken to Akron General Medical Center, where nurses contacted police.
Tough bunch.

Here's the victim and more details.

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