Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fox Beats MSNBC and CNN Combined for April

No wonder Fox Derangement Syndrome is so prevalent at these low-rated cable outlets. When they're beating the pants off you for 18 hours a day envy can set in.

Who knows, maybe if CNN and MessNBC tried being fair and balanced they might attract a few viewers.
How's this for cable news domination - Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC combined in every hour from 6amET to MidnightET in both Total Viewers and the A25-54 demo for April 2009.

FNC had the top 11 cable news programs in Total Viewers and 12 of the top 15 in the demo. FNC is the #2 network in Total Viewers on all of cable.

From 9amET on, every program grew by more than 60% in the demo. The 5pmET hour, now occupied by Glenn Beck, is up 212% in the demo and up 128% in Total Viewers. Your World with Neil Cavuto is up 102% in the demo and up 60% in Total Viewers. On the Record with Greta Van Susteren is up 75% in demo and up 55% in Total Viewers. Also in demo: FOX Report is up 75%, Special Report 70%, The O'Reilly Factor 74% and Hannity 64%.
Alan Colmes was unavailable for comment.

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