Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flyover Fallout: Obama Orders Review Of His Own Incompetence

After weakly pretending he had no knowledge of Monday's terrifying flyover of lower Manhattan, the grossly incompetent Barack Obama will now compound the error by wasting more taxpayer money on a "review" of this man-caused disaster.
President Barack Obama has ordered an internal review to determine how the decision was made to send of one of his official airplanes on a low-flying photo op past the New York City skyline.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that deputy chief of staff Jim Messina will lead the review. Gibbs said the point is to determine "why that decision was made and to ensure that it never happens again."
So after wasting an untold sum of money on this vanity photo-op we're now going to see some whitewash review likely claiming Obama had no knowledge of anything.

Memo to Louis Caldera: Update your resume.

First order of business from this fiasco: When will we see an accounting of who was on board during this flyover? Were there any compaign contributors getting a joyride?

C'mon, Mr. Transparency, the public wants to know.

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