Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disgraced Columbia 'Noose' Professor Sues for $200 Million

Nothing like a plagiarist who was justifiably fired looking to cash in. I guess her current job prospects are pretty bleak. Funny, isn't it, how the mysterious noose hanging incident has never been solved?
She first made national headlines when a hangman's noose was found dangling from her Columbia University office door.

Now, Madonna Constantine, the controversial former Teachers College professor fired last year for plagiarism, is resurrecting the image with a $200 million lawsuit that charges her former employer with an "academic lynching."
Hmm, an academic lynching? How exactly is that? You lifted someone else's work, got caught, and you were lynched? Such casual use of the language reinforces my belief it was Constantine herself who put the noose there herself. I'll believe that until proven otherwise.
"It was a prosecution, it wasn't an investigation," Constantine's lawyer, Paul Giacomo Jr., said of the school probe that led to her firing. "They basically set her up."

The complaint says that the allegations against Constantine were fueled by "academic rivalry and political intrigue" and grew into a "complex and calculated scheme to use false information to discredit" her.

"The manner in which the scheme was hatched and carried out is tantamount to an academic lynching," the complaint concludes.

A spokesman for Teachers College said the case was "totally without merit, and we intend to defend against it vigorously."
Last year they claimed she was being blackmailed. Now she's the victim of a lynching.

Nothing like throwing some incendiary language around and playing the victim card.

Just a disgrace.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the link!

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