Thursday, August 05, 2010

Name That Party: Former Hoboken Mayor of Unknown Party Gets Two Years in Prison

You would think the local newspaper would at least be able to identify this "youthful ex-mayor" they seem smitten with.
Peter Cammarano III, the youthful ex-mayor of Hoboken who became the face of the biggest political corruption sting in the state's history, was sentenced today to two years in federal prison.

Arrested just three weeks after taking office, he pleaded guilty in April to accepting $25,000 in illegal campaign contributions in exchange for his support of high-rise building projects being proposed by an undercover informant who was posing as a crooked developer.

Cammarano was one of the most prominent of the many public officials nabbed in the sting last year, which led to the arrests of more than 40 people, including mayors, state legislators, five rabbis and a man accused of trying to broker the sale of a black market human kidney.

Cammarano had faced up to 2 1/2 years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines.
In case it's not clear what party Cammarano is affiliated with, this should help clear up any confusion.

That's Cammarano on the right. You might recognize the three hacks on the left.

Naturally, the AP refuses to identify Cammarano as a Democrat. Safe to say it'd be in the headline if he were a Republican.

At least this outlet is still practicing actual journalism.

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