Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYDN Hack: Stopping Ground Zero Mosque Means bin Laden Wins or Something

I get the feeling that if Rush Limbaugh went on the air Monday and voiced his support for the mega-mosque near Ground Zero that would be the end of the project. If Sarah Palin had a change of heart and said she now believes an in-your-face attempt by some radical Muslims to rub salt in the wounds of 9/11 families is peachy-keen then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would trip over himself running to a microphone to condemn the project.

That's what it's come to on the American left. Anything, no matter how offensive it may be to a huge majority of the people, must be supported if the Limbaughs and Palins of the world voice opposition to it. So blinded by hatred are the Bloombergs and Obamas that clear thinking and rational common sense go flying out the window if your political enemies think differently than you.

This mush-headed nonsense is synthesized today by New York Daily News columni9st Michael Daly, who makes the fantastic leap of logic to declare that objecting to this abomination means you're now on the same page as Osama bin Laden.
Nobody could sway me more than Tim when it comes to Ground Zero. But I cannot help feeling that if we block this mosque we will not only be doing what Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh want, we will also be doing exactly what Osama Bin Laden wants.

On the day it murdered Mychal and Pat and Terry and Dennis and so many others, Al Qaeda was looking to hijack more than jetliners. The killers' ultimate goal was and is hijacking Islam itself. And to do that they need us to make them into more than what they are.

Without us elevating them into enemy combatants in a war on terror, they would be just a couple of hundred murderous losers.

Even now, after all our mistakes, after we let Bin Laden slip away in Afghanistan and lost our focus going into Iraq, Al Qaeda is still more a gang than an army.

It is still so small that its new operations chief, Adnan Shukrijumah, met personally with the knuckleheads who planned to bomb the subway last September.

When the previous operations chief, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was captured, he was not surrounded by a host of terrorists. He had nary a bodyguard when he was rousted from bed in his underwear at the house where he was hiding out like what he was, a murderer on the run.

We have since built him into a figure of such awesome evil that we are afraid to try him in downtown Manhattan like what he is, a murderer who has been caught.

We have glorified Al Qaeda in the same way, but to reach its ultimate goal, it still needs us to convince the majority of Muslims that the war on terror is really a war on Islam.
Naturally, Daly's fatuous drivel ignores the the connection between the developers and Hamas, which lat time I checked also perverts Islam. So since Daly supports the project by Hamas supporters, doesn't this put him on the side of the radicals?

For what it's worth, Obama Saturday pulled a mealy-mouthed turnaround from his earlier comments, to no surprise given the initial reaction.

Obama's double-talk is simply political prevarication. Ironically enough the one person with a logical middle-ground plan was New York's Governor David Paterson, a guy Obama's already thrown under the bus.
One thing is certain: the mosque will now be a hot issue in the midterm elections and a litmus test for candidates across the country. It would serve Obama right if he loses his House and Senate majorities over his support.

There was a better way. It came from Gov. Paterson, whose offer to help the mosque developers find another location held the potential for a harmonious settlement.

But without even a serious conversation, they rejected the offer
, reinforcing suspicion that provocation to the memory of 9/11 is part of the developers' plan.

It is self-evident that their professed aim, to build bridges across religions, can better be carried out in a spot not in the shadow of the murderous attacks by Islamic fanatics. Moving the mosque would help prove their motives are trustworthy and win a level of public support they won't get otherwise.

Paterson's offer called their bluff. While much about the project remains a mystery, we now know the developers are not the healers they say they are.

Having Obama in their corner doesn't change that. It only raises the stakes for him and America.
Somewhat related are these thoughts by Bill Kristol on the collapse of the left.
In recent weeks, the left has the arbitrary rulings and sophistic arguments of federal judges who have overturned an immigration statute that mirrors federal law passed by the state legislature in Arizona, and a constitutional amendment, defining marriage as it has been defined for all of American history, enacted by the citizens of California. The left has also heaped praise on New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, as he, having bought his way to a narrow reelection, showered disdain and contempt on the majority of his fellow New Yorkers who object to a mosque next to Ground Zero.
Don't forget it was Bloomberg who in the immediate aftermath of the failed Times Square bombing made the ridiculous comment that it was probably perpetrated by someone who opposed ObamaCare. His sneering contempt for people on the right is so evident he's quicker to side with Hamas supporters than people who oppose Obama on policy grounds.

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