Friday, August 06, 2010

Raaaaacist! Fringe Candidate Can't Run as 'NOT the Whiteman's Bitch'

Obviously whitey's keeping the woman down.
Ieshuh Griffin, who wants to use the slogan "NOT the whiteman's bitch" as her tag line on the Wisconsin ballot, got no love from federal court. A judge rejected her lawsuit demanding to use the phrase because she filed the wrong paperwork. Darn those pesky legal rules!

Griffin became an instant celebrity a few weeks back when her campaign to use the catch phrase hit the blogs. A community activist, Griffin is seeking a seat in the Wisconsin Assembly as an independent, representing district in Milwaukee. There, independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.

Griffin's purpose: "NOT the whiteman's bitch." We have to admit, it's catchy.

But Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board didn't like it--they voted that the phrase couldn't appear on the ballot. So Griffin filed a writ of federal habeus corpus. And that's where she went wrong...

Turns out, that type of filing is only for people who are in custody. Griffin should file a civil rights lawsuit, the judge ruled. And she certainly plans to.

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