Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seneca Nation Calls on Bloomberg to Resign Over 'Racially Insensitive' Remarks

How's this for delicious irony? Little Mikey Bloomberg has been running all over the place flapping his gums and calling anyone who dares to oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque a bigot. Well, look who's now being condemned for supposedly insensitive remarks.

How does it feel now, Little Mikey?
An upstate Indian tribe is calling on Mayor Bloomberg to resign over "inflammatory and racially insensitive" remarks he made last week.

Short of quitting, the Seneca Indian Nation tribal council passed a resolution urging Bloomberg to issue a written apology.

Bloomberg infuriated Senecas by suggesting Gov. Paterson collect disputed cigarette taxes while wearing a cowboy hat and wielding a shotgun.
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The resolution passed by the Seneca Nation demands that Mayor Bloomberg resign his post as Mayor of New York City, provides a formal written apology to the Seneca Nations and its members, calls on Governor Paterson to publicly condemn Mayor Bloomberg's comments and authorizes Seneca President Barry Snyder to file human rights and hate crime violations with the State of New York, U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Civil Rights Commission and United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous People.

The Seneca resolution cites a recent address by Mayor Bloomberg where he spoke of tolerance, respect and the defense of Constitutionally protected freedoms in his support of the proposed Islamic Community Center and Mosque near Ground Zero.

Nation leaders add in the resolution that 'Mayor Bloomberg's contradictory positions regarding the constitutional protections afforded to those involved in the Islamic Center and Mosque versus those afforded to the Nation and its members are demonstrative of the continued ignorance of the Nation's own Constitutionally protected Treaties as the supreme law of the land, which provide the underlying protections for the Nation's tax immune status on which its economy is based.'
Using Bloomberg's and the left's own tactics, we'll just call him a bigot until he proves he's not one.

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