Monday, August 16, 2010

Silence of the Schumer

For a guy who'll hold a press conference every day of the week to blather on about anything, it's curious how the very opinionated senior senator of New York can't manage to take a stand on the abomination that is the Ground Zero mosque. I noticed this in a story laughably claiming Obama's politically-calculated stance on the mosque isn't motivated by politics.
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who so far has not taken a position on the mosque, dismissed the endorsement.
The endorsement referred to was the one by a Hamas leader.

To their credit, the NRSC wonders why Chuckie is silent.
Schumer’s silence is particularly notable considering the range of issues he has addressed during his famous Sunday press conferences. For example, in April 2010, the camera-friendly Senator held a press conference attacking Facebook and other social networking websites. And just last month, caffeinated malt liquor was in the Senator’s crosshairs as he held a press conference to announce he was asking the Federal Trade Commission to review the marketing practices of these beverage makers. In fact, Dow Jones Newswire recently reported “On recent Schumer Sundays, the senator has discussed legislation to prohibit sex offenders from working as dance instructors, carnival workers, clowns, and magicians, and announced his agreement with five major airlines to not be like Spirit Airlines and charge passengers for carry-on bags.”

“It’s a remarkable commentary on the most camera-friendly Senator that he’s more than happy to weigh-in on caffeinated malt beverages, but he won’t take a public position on the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brian Walsh. “It’s time for Chuck Schumer to stand up and be counted – does he stand with President Obama in support of this mosque or does he stand with the countless 9/11 families who believe it’s location is inappropriate? Chuck Schumer’s continued silence on this issue is not the type of leadership New Yorkers deserve from their senior Senator.”
Of course if Schumer dared to show any balls and opposed the mosque in defiance of his boss Obama, would the antique media be buzzing about the deep divide in the Democratic Party and be issuing warnings not to play politics with the issue?

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