Friday, August 06, 2010

Smart Move: NBC Dumps Olbermann From Football Coverage

Ever since NBC picked up coverage of Sunday Night Football several years ago I've held steadfast to the famed Olbermann Rule, whereby any pregame, halftime or postgame coverage on that network was studiously avoided due to the presence of the evil clown.

Well, now it appears it may be safe to watch. Expect a sudden surge in viewership at the network now that the loathsome, detestable liberal hack will no longer foul your television screen.
I’m told that NBC News officials requested the move, citing Olbermann’s weekday commitment to MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. During the 2009 NFL season, Olbermann periodically did not appear on Friday editions of Countdown.

Network television sources confirmed to me that Olbermann’s departure from FNIA was not due to any conflict with cast or production crew members. I was also given no indication that Olbermann’s politics had anything to do with the move.

Olbermann has hosted Countdown since 2003 and had served in varying capacities on FNIA since 2007.
I'm sure the tools at NBC News are really eager to have the low-rated moron on five nights a week so they can be pummeled in the ratings on a regular basis.

Expect the most fired man in television to fob off some story about how busy he is with other duties and spin his departure favorably. He's done that pretty much everywhere else he's been dumped.

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