Thursday, November 03, 2011

Despite Supporting Occupy Oakland Anarchists, Men's Wearhouse is Vandalized

Try to appease the mob, and this is what you get.
At the Men's Wearhouse, which had closed Wednesday and put up signs in support of the general strike, windows were shattered. A box nearby read, "Cop uniform surrender box." No police uniforms were inside.

Here's a photo.

They deserve no mercy, and no business from the sane.

H/T Ben.

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fiatlux said...

Maybe Zimmer will stick to supporting the zoo.
George is considered a right winger here in Brabra Lee's congressional district - he has a job and creates jobs! What a bastard.
For years, the guberment has flooded Oakland downtown area near City Hall with hundreds of millions to try to turn it into a place that would attract non deadbeats. The money has flowed in with a Federal Courthouse, Federal office building, State of California building, thousands of subsidied apartments. While plugged in contractors, builders and advisors have made fortunes, it remained a scary place and the workers in the nice office buildings flee after dark.

Quan has managed to undermine what little good had been done to attract some small businessesand assured no large employer will consider coming near Oakland. Also, goodbye Raiders and A's.

But who needs a tax base when you promise eveerything to everybody for free?

Athos said...

Typical effect of appeasement - you hope the croc will eat you last....and in the end, you still get eaten....and, BTW, Men's Wearhouse, you weren't even the last to be vandalized.

When the mob wants violence - nothing short of using force to stop them will end their violence.  The mob will not reflect - hey, this merchant supports us, let's give them a pass....they will just act on their desire to invoke mayhem.

el polacko said...

sadly. the intimidation from the protestors worked. many businesses in downtown oakland and elsewhere around the city posted signs of 'support' and closed for the day. whole foods grocery dared to stay open and were heavily vandalized for their hubris and their customers were harrassed and threatened.  the men's wearhouse did end up with a broken window during the late-night melee but i can take no pleasure from that nor do i blame them for trying to protect their property, their employees, and their customers. that their CEO donates to dems does not matter one whit to me. some people support one party, some another, some neither, some both. it's a waste of time and energy to shop according to the political leanings of any particular store's owners.

p.s... re-tweeting is not commenting.