Sunday, November 06, 2011

'I’m Like a Celebrity Back Home'

Like most of the Occupy Wall Street freaks, this guy is completely delusional.
Henry Perkins is giving Occupy Wall Street the old college try.

The 21-year-old University of Alabama junior has been earning college credits while living in the open-air, crime-riddled frat house of Zuccotti Park.

“I asked my professors and they said to go for it,” Perkins told the Daily News. “They’re living vicariously through me.”

“I learned a lot here,” added Perkins, who arrived in New York by train carrying only a computer, toothbrush, cell phone, some books and a tarp. “I realized that I never want to be in any system, and you can make it work.”

Since joining the protest against corporate excess three weeks ago, Perkins said he’s become the big man on Alabama’s campus while camping out 900 miles away.

He Skypes into class twice a week, listening to lectures and giving students colorful updates from the epicenter of the global movement. And he regularly checks in with his professors.

“I’m like a celebrity back home,” Perkins said.

Even his parents support his odd curriculum. Perkins’ proud mom said she has no problem with her son’s $8,600 in-state tuition being devoted to his immersive research project on Occupy Wall Street.

“I’m sure he’ll learn more in two weeks in New York than in two years in college,” said Danielle Juzan, of Mobile, Ala., who acknowledged that she’s still “worried sick” about her son.

“What impressed us the most was the fact that he was able to negotiate this with his professors.”
His folks impress easily. Imagine how they'll feel if this tool ever manages to get a job.


laZrtx said...

He's a celebrity because his dad pays for his tuition and doesn't bother to show up for class and hassle the professors. Perfect university situation.

LYNNDH said...

Hum, with a computer from Big Business, a cell phone from Big Business, using internet and cell towers that use Big Business. All funded by Big Banks and Wall Street. Dolt!

FrankG said...

“I realized that I never want to be in any system, and you can make it work.”

Idiot. Nice resume-enhancer

Richard Butler said...

We could scrap the Capitalist system we live under tomorrow and become a Communist state as was the old Soviet Union/Russia and this turd Henry WOULD STILL end up in a gulag. Even under Communism they had to work.

What is this useless POS planning on doing with his life after all the OWS is  said and done and ancient history? I'll tell you - he doesn't have a clue. Enjoy your five minutes of fame douchebag. I have a feeling things are going to get tougher very soon for all you wankers and slackers.

Rose said...

Well, Henry, you may be "like a celebrity" back home, but where you are, you are a pig. What a big huge mess you guys are making on someone else's property, and you are not paying the cost of your mess.
You are just nasty and filthy.

Steve Funston said...

Somehow, I'm not surprised that this guy is from Univ. of Alabama. War. Damn. Eagle.