Sunday, November 06, 2011

OWS Animals Getting Free Healthcare

No, not the two-legged animals.
Dogged supporters of Occupy Wall Street are getting some free medical care — thanks to volunteer veterinarians at Zuccotti Park.

Protesters’ pets - including pooches, cats and rats - can receive check-ups once a week from a ragtag band of animal caretakers doling out shots and deworming and flea treatments.
They may want to also deworm and delouse the protesters.
A supporter of the Occupy movement, Barksy said he started volunteering when he saw a need man’s best friends were among the 99% protesting at the park.

"I supported OWS right from the beginning," he said. "On the second night I realized there were a lot of animals here. I figured the best way I could participate would be giving my skills."


FrankG said...

deworming and delousing should be standard and widespread before releasing into the wild. Animals too

Jenn Of The Jungle said...

Frankly where are these vets on an everyday basis? If they support the loser protesters and their pets, why not help out in the real rescue groups with free spays and shots? Donate time to animal shelters? These people make me sick. They only care now....when they think someone is watching.

Malice Aforethought said...

That poor cat seems to be saying, "Why am I stuck with an idiot for a human?"

Toejam said...

I volunteer to give most (excluding the ugly. old, smelly, fat babes) women at OWS free gynacological exams.

No I'm not a medical doctor, but I've see every episode of "ER" so that should make me qualified to peek up a canal.