Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Local Pols Show Sudden Concern for Quality of Life Issues at Zuccotti Park

Back on October 14, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was under threat from local politicians after he announced plans to clean up the fleabagger encampment at Zuccotti Park.
Mayor Bloomberg made his weekly radio show appearance Friday morning, saying Brookfield Properties informed him the company “got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them and saying, ‘If you don’t stop this [the planned cleanup], we’ll make your life more difficult’.”
These pols were never named, but it's not difficult to figure out those who represent the area, in particular State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Congressional heavyweight Jerrold Nadler were two of them.

Fast forward to today and all of a suddenly Silver and Nadler are among those now calling for a return to normalcy. Well good luck with that, guys. You own this movement.
Powerful assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has had enough of Occupy Wall Streeters peeing and pooping on the streets - and drumming all day.

Silver, Rep. Jerald [sic] Nadler (D-Manhattan) and local lawmakers who represent lower Manhattan demanded Tuesday that Mayor Bloomberg crack down on quality-of-life infractions by those encamped at Zuccotti Park.
So 19 days ago Bloomberg was threatened if he cleaned up and now they're demanding he clean things up.

Either way, they get to keep their hands clean and still support these savages.
While expressing sympathy for Occupy Wall Street protesters and their right to protest, the elected officials wrote to Bloomberg insisting he solve growing concerns.
Expecting a tower of jelly like Bloomberg to do anything is as stretch.
“Some of the protesters, and others who have opportunistically joined the crowd for unrelated reasons, have created serious qualify-of-life concerns for residents of the immediate area,” the letter states.

The group complained about public urination, nonstop drumming - and erected barricades that make it difficult for local residents to get around.

“It is important that these quality-of-life concerns are addressed in an effective and thoughtful manner by the city so that they do not keep recurring,” the letter states.

Silver, at the Capitol in Albany, told reporters that exercising one’s First Amendment rights “should not include defecating or urinating on sidewalks.

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palintologist said...

So how is it the Salt Nazi can manage to become a billionaire yet not have the nads to run a city?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I'm basking in the schadenfreude of Larda$$ Jerrold Nadler having to side against the Chicago Jesus, and in writing to boot!