Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Police Investigating Occupy Baltimore Rapes, Occupiers Show Sudden Concern for Crime Wave

Funny, but in the video we noted earlier today the "Occupiers" were quite smug while downplaying the allegations of rape at the fleabagger encampment.

Now that Baltimore police are investigating they're signing a different tune.

Baltimore police are investigating an assault and theft that allegedly occurred at the Occupy Baltimore protest movement at the Inner Harbor's McKeldin Square. Police said only that the attack occurred Friday, but wasn't reported to them until Monday morning.

Authorities released no other details. But that coupled with another report on Fox 45 TV of an anonymous woman who said she was sexually assaulted has sparked internal debate among the protesters over safety.

At a volatile General Assembly meeting at the square Monday night, people debated the role of police, their own security teams and a general feeling from some that the encampment is not safe for people staying overnight in tents.

Last month, the group distributed pamphlets that suggested victims of sexual assaults not contact police, but instead deal with the issue internally. Those guidelines were later revised to encourage contacting police, but they created a debate over whether the group can, and should, handle such issues themselves.
These morons can't handle opening a bottle of water without without 37 committees debating and voting on the process. Is there anyone who really thinks they can "handle" investigating a rape?

Let's get real. But they did manage to come up with a semi-literate statement. That must have been an exhausting endeavor.
On Monday, October 31, serious allegations were brought forth of an assault on the site of the Occupy Baltimore encampent [sic].
Note they say assault, but not sexual assault or rape.
Occupy Baltimore takes such allegations seriously, maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards assault, harassment and on-site intoxication or inebriation of any kind.
Zero-tolerance now? Funny, but two weeks ago they were telling women to dummy up. Funny how media attention changes that.
Such activities are not welcome at, or condoned by Occupy Baltimore and violate the terms of our unanimously consensed-upon Safe Space policy.

Occupy Baltimore stands firm in its commitment to the values embodied in these policies and documents.

In keeping with our values, Occupy Baltimore supports formal investigation of these allegations, and pledges cooperation in the pursuit of facts and justice in this manner. Occupy Baltimore takes these allegations quite seriously.
Values? Who the hell are they kidding?

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