Friday, November 04, 2011

Faces of Zuccotti Park: Halloween Edition

The Observer took a trip to Zuccotti Park for Halloween. It's hard to tell if these people are in costume or not. This fellow above is named Blackfeather. The reporter asks these folks what would make them end their so-called occupation.
How long have you been occupying for? Since the start. What would stop your occupation? The governments can surrender to our humanitarian will. The government is not humanitarian. They force you to pay to feed yourself. You hold onto money and Wall Street holds onto you.
Now who said these people had an incoherent message?

Then this poor bastard, who must suffer tremendous discrimination for his name alone.

Ezekiel Coyote Heater-Wegscheider

From Massachusetts How long have you been occupying for? Today is our first day, we just got down and set up the tent. What would stop your occupation? The thing that I like the most about this whole thing is this community being built here. I don’t think that anybody should stop, I think that we should just keep growing what is here right now, regardless of demands or trying to change the government, this is already working to some degree. I wouldn’t want to demand anything to stop this. I’m just happy to see being sharing more and smiling more.
Hey, at least he's happy. I think.

Then this guy:

Mickey Crisp

From Albany How long have you been occupying for? I'm staying here but I'm making some visits. I've been at occupy Albany and wanting to come down here again and see how it's going. What would stop your occupation? They need to bring back all the factories that we’ve shipped overseas. During the 60’s and 70’s, everything was American made and shit, now everything is overseas. Ever since then everything has gone downhill job-wise. People have lost jobs because factories have closed down. I also don’t understand why Obama bailed the banks out with 60 billion dollars. People should be furious. That could’ve been pumped into creating jobs, doing something productive with it. Don’t give it to the banks.
I suspect Mickey was born well after the factory age and doesn't quite understand how a global economy works. And shit.

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