Friday, November 04, 2011

Fun Times and Merriment at Occupy LA

Our friend Ringo sends along his latest dispatch from the Occupy Los Angeles circus. A zillion photos and narration at the link. Here's some choice video.

A bearded man with a long ponytail had become violently agitated by, among other things, the constant marijuana smoking around his tent. A girl in her mid twenties who was camped near him explained to me later that this guy didn’t understand that marijuana is their "medicine". "Everybody around here has medical marijuana cards" she told me, "We need to smoke it". But apparently this guy was not sympathetic to their medicinal needs. He was in a complete rage as he waved his arms, cursing and calling other protesters "fakes". "I’m about to fuckin’ hurt somebody!" he shouted. A moment later he saw me filming him and came straight for me. Needless to say I ran fast, which is why my video ends so abruptly.
Good times. He later leaves in a huff.

A few minutes later, I went back and recorded him again as he was dismantling his tent. You can see him here telling other campers that he’s leaving. "I’m going to carry guns when I get out of here…the way I used to do", he says.
Just like your average tea partier, obviously.

These people really have their act together. Now they fight over who gets to speak. Hilarity ensues.

Several more videos follow at the link over who gets to speak. Hilarious stuff.

Another amusing aspect is despite they all claim to represent the "99%" they still manage to separate the classes.

There was a tidy gated community up on the hill beside the stage where the people who "control the microphone" live.
Be sure to read on. The part about the "chemtrails" is comedy gold.


NeoKong said...

Chased off by that skinny little freak...?
Fer crissakes....hit the gym will ya'...

kj said...

Happy, single minded purpose for all in Utopia land.  What a bunch of lame brains.