Saturday, November 05, 2011

Occupy Fort Collins Arsonist a Ron Paulian

We noted this arson earlier today. Turns out the guy is a registered Republican and a Ron Paul supporter. Well, I guess the media can start passing judgment on the occupiers now that a Republican caused some damage.
"I never heard him say anything violent," said Eric Eisen of Fort Collins, an Occupy activist. "He was all about converting money."

In an online video featured on, Gilmore said he was frustrated by the income disparity between executives and workers, and told people they should turn in their paper money for gold and other metals.

Eisen said Occupy supporters include people from across the political spectrum unified by a nonviolent message. The movement began on Wall Street in New York City, peacefully protesting the power of the financial and political sectors.

Crisafi said it's not unusual for activists to have views that don't parallel each other.

"There's tons of drama," she said, adding activists present at the site since Oct. 10 have worked to keep it positive. "Anyone we got negative vibes off of was asked to leave."

She said Benjamin Gilmore, who was part of the movement "since Day One," is a Ron Paul supporter. There has been friction between Paul supporters and other Occupy activists, whose views are "a little bit more extreme," she said.

Eventually, the Paul supporters moved their demonstration to Mulberry Street and College Avenue. But Crisafi said Benjamin Gilmore stayed at Maple and College.

The Occupy Fort Collins activists say they have had an amicable relationship with law enforcement, and there have been no reports of violence.

She said Benjamin Gilmore played music from his car radio to help get people motivated.

"He totally helped bring people together," Crisafi said.

Activists said they kept Benjamin Gilmore's flag flying at the site because taking it down could send a message they think he's guilty.

"If he is guilty, I will be very upset and I will stop liking Ben," Eisen said. "It's too early to call."
H/T Eric.


TeaPartyatPerrysburg said...

Personally I don't trust anything these people say. I don't consider Ron Paul a Republican either though. Not sure what he is.

Proof said...

I heard anedotal evidence that the Occupy Philly protesters were chanting Paul's name.If I were Ron Paul's people, I don't know that I'd be bragging about that!

Linda Gonzales said...

Ben is being used and falsely asscused because he barters and accepts alternative currencies.  The city has no evidence against him and is only arresting him because they have been trying to arrest him for years.  He also has assets; business, car, house, bank acct. which the other Occupiers don't have. He embarrassed them at a City Council meeting just a week before.  There is a homeless mission just two blocks from where the fire started, and it was the first snow of the season.  The unoccupied building that was under construction at the time is the closest to that mission and homeless park.  I can't speak to the other Occupy incidents, but this one is a no brainer.  Ben is innocent and I hope you follow up your report when it is announced.