Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Woman Raped at Occupy Baltimore: 'God Bless Them for Their Spontaneity'

Baltimore is Nancy Pelosi's hometown. How's that whole spontaneity thing working out, Nancy?

Via Big Government.

A couple of weeks ago we noted Occupy Baltimore was discouraging sexual assault victims from coming forward.

They must be so proud.


paulejb said...

Women will just have to understand that there are sacrifices to be made for the cause. What exactly was that cause again?

Eli said...

Obviously it's for us to be chattel.  I mean why go to 3rd world shit holes when you can goto a OWS proest and be treated to it right there.

Larry Sheldon said...

The creep should be arrested and I cut him no slack.  none.

But the woman sounds like she might not be capable of taking care of hereeself and perhaps should not have been left unsupervised.