Saturday, November 05, 2011

Peaceful Crack Dealers Busted at Occupy Boston

Let's look at the upside. At least there's finally some diversity at this mostly white liberal movement.
Three people were arrested Thursday night after allegedly dealing drugs to undercover police at the Occupy Boston camp.

Atu Austin, 31, of Boston, Lamont Daughtery, 21, of Hyde Park, and Thomas E. McLaughlin, 29, of Hyde Park, were arrested Thursday evening and charged with distribution of a Class B substance, Boston police said in a statement.

McLaughlin was also charged with a second or subsequent distribution of a Class B substance.

After receiving information that there were individuals in the Occupy Boston camp involved with drug dealing, undercover officers were deployed to locate the individuals, the statement said.
H/T Lauren.

More here.
City officials are vowing to keep the heat on derelict protest-crashers at Occupy Boston, while some demonstrators are calling for drug dealers and lawbreakers to hit the road.

“We are looking to get our act together,” said Mike Ippolito, an Occupier who has lived in the makeshift camp since its first day. “Actions are being taken to tighten up. ... I believe weapons, drugs and alcohol have no place here.”

Just this week, cops have made two drug busts, including one yesterday in which three men were nabbed for allegedly peddling crack cocaine.
Organizers are urging the criminal mob to be responsible or something.
“When you are occupying here at Dewey Square, your actions, whether or not you intend them to be, are reflective on the community at Dewey Square,” he added. “You have a responsibility to be on your best behavior, or beyond your best behavior, not to do something that’s going to hurt the movement.”

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