Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bloomberg: I'm Unelectable

You have to give the guy some points for honesty at least, and this surely will make the Democrats fret. They sure were hoping he'd jump in and siphon away votes from the GOP and help usher in the Pantsuit Era.

Bloomberg: 'Nobody Will Elect Me President'
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK Mayor Michael Bloomberg said -- again-- that he's not running for president, adding in a television interview that he wouldn't win anyway.

On July 25, CBS 2 HD reported that Bloomberg had fired up a new URL for "mike2008.com" that linked to his recently re-launched mikebloomberg.com, and set the stage for a potential launching of a full-blown dedicated presidential campaign Web site.

That doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

"Nobody's going to elect me president of the United States," he told Dan Rather for a program that will air Tuesday on cable's HDNet channel. "What I'd like to do is to be able to influence the dialogue. I'm a citizen."

The billionaire left the Republican Party recently to become an independent, throwing into overdrive the speculation that he will make a run for the White House.

Bloomberg likes to throw water on the rumors while simultaneously keeping them alive behind the scenes. His aides are not bashful about promoting the idea that he could jump into the race next year as a self-financed independent candidate.
He's got a personal animosity toward Rudy Giuliani, and I doubt he'd endorse a Republican anyway. Casting his lot with Mrs. Clinton will probably sway more of the GOP base to vote against her.

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