Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weird News of the Day: Ron Paul Sweeping Polls Nationwide

The Ron Paul kooks have been oddly silent since his poor showing in the Iowa straw poll, but little did we know he's been busy "sweeping" straw polls across the land.

Ron Paul Sweeping More Straw Polls
The Ron Paul campaign website carries a release focusing on the candidate's little noted success (by the mainstream press) in GOP straw polls over the last few months.


"Coming off the Iowa Straw Poll the momentum for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign continues to build. Congressman Ron Paul has finished in the top 5 in 16 of the last 17 straw polls and can claim 1st place victories in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Washington, and Alabama. In comparing results head-to-head, Congressman Paul has blown away most of the field, defeating Rudy Giuliani in 15 of the 17 polls and John McCain in 15 of the 16 polls."
Since Iowa has been the only straw poll that has garnered media attention, it seems curious how there have been 16 others that nobody has reported on?

Then you take a look at the "polls" they're talking about, and you get a clearer picture. Wow, he came in first in the West Alabama poll.

How can anyone stop the momemtum?

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