Monday, August 27, 2007

DoJ Sponsoring Islamic Convention

This item is difficult to fathom, especially as we approach the anniversary of 9/11.

First of all, what business does the Justice Department have sponsoring a religious convention of any kind, let alone one promoted by a group that is an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-funding trial?

Second, are those at the top even paying attention to the rank and file?

Does anybody have a clue?

U.S. Sponsors Islamic Convention
The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) -- an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case -- a move that is raising concerns among the Justice's rank and file.

Justice lawyers have objected to the affiliation with ISNA, fearing it will undermine the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Dallas.

"There is outrage among lawyers that the Department of Justice is funding a group named as a co-conspirator in a terrorist financing case," said a Justice lawyer who spoke to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity.
Of course, we get some mealy-mouthed pap about "outreach," as if reaching out to these people actually does any good.

I could reach out to a frothing pit-bull and get my hand chewed off. That doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to do so.
According to an e-mail from Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, acting deputy chief of the Voting Rights Division, the sponsorship will involve sending government lawyers to man a booth for the Labor Day weekend event in Illinois.

"This is an important outreach opportunity, and a chance to reach a community that is at once very much discriminated against, and very wary of the national government and its willingness to protect them," Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Times.

"It would be a great step forward to break through those barriers. And Chicago is lovely this time of year," Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said.
Is she for real?

Lower Manhattan was a lovely place the morning of September 11, 2001.
ISNA is one of more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators in a case against the Holy Land Foundation, whose top officers are accused of raising money for Hamas.

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