Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good News: Only 500 Big Dig Leaks

A victory for graft, corruption, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, union goons and Northeast liberalism.

At least 500 Big Dig leaks await repair
BOSTON - About 500 leaks in Big Dig tunnels are awaiting repair, and that number doesn't include leaks being handled by the project's contractors, according to state officials who warn that future leaks are inevitable.

Project manager Michael Lewis also told the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board Tuesday that the leak-repair program is "effective," and should be viewed separately from new evidence indicating water continues to leak steadily into the Interstate 93 Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill Jr. tunnel.

Repairs of existing leaks will continue through next spring, Lewis said, after successfully lobbying the board to add $2.3 million to an existing $5 million contract for repair crews.

In addition, contractors are expected to repair leaks they find. If they don't, Lewis said, the MTA will have to fix them and charge the contractor for the repair cost.

The board did not address an independent engineering firm's analysis that water continues to leak steadily into the O'Neill tunnel -- a section of Interstate 93 beneath downtown Boston. The analysis contradicted Lewis' report to the board last month that said water discharge from the O'Neill tunnel had decreased.

Leaks have vexed the $14.798 billion project -- the most expensive public works construction in U.S. history -- since it buried Boston's Central Artery in a tunnel system. A large leak into the O'Neill tunnel in September 2004 backed up traffic for miles.
Milena Delvalle was unavailable for comment.

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