Friday, August 24, 2007

Fidel Will Not Be Down For Breakfast (Uh, Maybe)

Hello, Satan? Yes, I'll Be Down Soon

Traveled down this road before only to be left heartbroken.

But it's inevitable and, we hope, accurate this time.

Hot Air has details, via Babalu Blog, which states, unequivocally, that Castro is dead.
My cellphone has not stopped ringing for the past ten minutes. Various sources inform that an announcement will come within the next few minutes from the Cuban government on Cuban TV and media. Stay tuned and we'll see if we've been manipulated once again or if today is the birth date of Cuba's liberty.

Update: Here's the deal and what I know up to now, as of 1500 hours, August 24, 2007:

First, South Florida Law Enforcement is on alert. An EOC (Emergency Operations Center) has been set-up and manned somewhere in Homestead.

Im also told Local and State government agencies have food, bottled water, and other necessities - valued in the millions - stored and/or staged in Homestead at or near the EOC.

I am presently verifying whether Coast Guard and DHS and Border Patrol agencies are on high alert. (Verified 01445)

Local News stations are abuzz, mostly on reports very much like the above, with massive law enforcemnt mobilizations throughout Dade county.

Local emergency medical services notified to be on alert by law enforcement agencies.

Im told - and still awaiting confirmation - that buses in Havana have been recalled to terminals and that Cuban workers have been sent home. (still unconfirmed 1500)
UPDATE: A report from the NBC affiliate in Miami has Cuban officials denying it, of course.

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