Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mattel in Legal Catfight With Pornstar Barbie

This could get ugly. It's bad enough Mattel has to worry about all the recall of its Chinese-made products, but they're not taking this one laying down.

Barbie Hussy-Fit Over China Doll
Barbie is getting all bent out of shape over a porn star toying with her good name online.

Doll-maker Mattel, which has come under legal and financial siege over the recall of 19 million Chinese-made toys, this week filed its own lawsuit - against the Web site of an adult film star named China Barbie.

Mattel charges that the squeaky-clean image of Barbie is being tainted by her slutty cyberspace doppelganger.

The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, names Global China Networks and Terri Gibson of Hollywood, Fla.

"This domain name is 'confusingly similar' to and 'dilutive of' the Barbie trademarks," the suit charges. "Global has damaged the reputation, business and good will of Mattel."

China Barbie's $19.95-a-month site describes her as a "cordial young lady" who sat behind the desks of some of the world's leading investment-banking firms and advertising agencies in New York before getting into porn. Her filmography includes "Me Luv You Long Time," "Ethnic Cheerleaders 8" and "Passport to Paradise."
China Barbie was unavailable for comment.

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