Monday, August 27, 2007

Perfecting the Art of Surrender

This is too rich.

France ready to apologise to Iraq
Last week Mr Kouchner said the Iraqi government was "not functioning" and was quoted saying he had told the US that there was strong support in Iraq for Mr Maliki to resign and he "has got to be replaced".

In an interview with RTL radio on Monday, Mr Kouchner said: "I think that he [Mr Maliki] misunderstood, or that I was not clear enough that I was referring to comments I heard from Iraqis I talked to."

"If the prime minister wants me to apologise for having interfered so directly in Iraqi affairs, I'll do it willingly," he said.
My gosh, this is a good example of why many people see France as a bunch of wishy-washy surrender-monkeys. Express an opinion or don't, but don't be blaming others for the opinion you expressed. Stand up and be a man about it for once.

You can bet the left will see this as great foreign policy management by France.

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