Monday, August 27, 2007

Kooky Kos Kid: Seize Bush's Property

Further evidence a chimpanzee banging on a keyboard could compose a more lucid post than your average Kos Kid.

George W. Bush's Property Should Be Seized .

It lacks the subtle nuance of the HuffPost comedian who now claims he was joking, but this boob seems entirely serious.

Your Monday morning serving of BDS.
OK, so how did I get to this conclusion?

The war itself is threatening peace and stability in Iraq. Our current regime has, in fact, undermined efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and failed to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people. We are building an Embassy larger than the Vatican for Christ sakes. Yet the people of Iraq have no water and hardly any Food. Our occupation of Iraq is the number one reason that the Country is unstable. The US is stealing their oil, further hurting their economy.

For these reasons alone, by law, Bush must have his assets frozen NOW, his Property Seized, And sent to Gitmo for Water Boarding! Him and everyone in his sector. You wrote the law Chimpy, read em and weep.

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