Wednesday, August 29, 2007

French Moonbat Sued for Comment

Get your popcorn and watch the European moonbats react to this one.

French star sued for hero comment
French actress Fanny Ardant is being sued by the son of a former Italian policeman killed by the extremist Red Brigades group in the 1970s.

The actress sparked a controversy when she told an Italian magazine she considered the jailed founder of the Red Brigades her "hero".

She has since apologised for causing offence but the policeman's son, Piero Mazzola, has said that is not enough.

In Italy it is illegal to praise someone who has committed a crime.

Ardant said she admired the founder of the Red Brigades group, Renato Curcio, because he had never abandoned his leftist ideals, adding she "considered the Red Brigades phenomenon to be very moving and passionate".
So this moonbat thinks that murdering Marxists are something to be admired, eh? So how about she agrees to a 100% income tax rate on herself if she loves it so much? I bet she would feel a bit different if they came after her wealth and life.

So who is taking this legal action?
Mr Mazzola, a lawyer whose father was shot along with a colleague near Venice in 1974, said her apologies were not enough.

"Curcio was convicted for killing my father, among other crimes. So, together with my family, I have filed legal proceedings against Ardant because she is praising a murderer," Mr Mazzola told Reuters news agency.

"I just can't see how killing people can be called heroism," he said. "She may see the Red Brigades as passionate while sipping champagne in Paris, but for us it's very different."
I wonder what Ardant's nickname is on Kos and HuffPo?

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