Friday, January 18, 2008

Two more veterans linked to homicide

I have written about Dekalb county, a suburb on the west side of Atlanta, a couple of times, normally in relation to the number of homicides they have. Last night 2 off duty police officers were killed. They were in uniform working as security guards at an apartment complex. It appears, according to the first reports, that they were ambushed. They were called to the scene and shot according to the police spokesman shot execution style. The search is on for 2 black males. Notice how the police are not afraid to put out a full description of the suspects when it one of their own. Normally around here they play it close to the vest regarding the race of any suspects.
The county has already had 4 murders this year before this.

UPDATE: 01/17/2008 One of the slain officers, Ricky Bryant, is a former Marine. The other, Eric Barker, is an Army veteran with tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
Officer Barker is also a 12-year veteran of the Army. His wife said he has served time in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

“You know the USA is supposed to be the safest country out of all the country’s he’s been to but he gets shot and killed in his own country, it's not right, it's not fair,” Barker said.
I wonder if this is noted by the NY Times. So far 2 suspects have been arrested in conjunction with the murders.

UPDATED: 01/18/2008 There are now 3 people arrested in connection with the murders and they are looking for a 4th.

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