Monday, December 01, 2008

Birmingham Mayor Indicted on 101 Counts

This is at the end of a five-year investigation and you have to read just about that long to figure out which political party he belongs to, which due to the absence of any mention allows us to use the MSM template regarding scandals revolving around politicians.
Over an almost five-year period, Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford "corruptly solicited, accepted and agreed to accept money, cash and checks" totaling nearly $250,000 in return for funneling millions of county taxpayer dollars to two political allies, prosecutors allege in a 101-count federal indictment unsealed today.

The indictment charges Langford, along with friends Bill Blount and Al LaPierre, with conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering and filing false tax returns.
But deep in the story we get our clue.
Blount, 55, and LaPierre, 58, have long been considered among the best politically connected players in the state. Blount is a former chairman of the state's Democratic Party, and LaPierre is the former executive director of the party. Langford is a Democrat.
Earlier stories ignored the political affiliation altogether.

I don't know, maybe he is just trying to get some street cred so he can run for congress in 2010.

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