Friday, January 30, 2009

As Air America Collapses, Failed Pol Eyes Return to Office

With the sinking ship known as Air America ready to go under, the odious Mark Green is looking to once again run for public office in New York. You would think some people get sick of losing over and over again. Apparently Green is looking to again run for the ceremonial position of Public Advocate with hopes of of running again for Mayor of New York.

Good grief. Just go away already.
"Friends are holding interventions, telling him, 'Don't do it. It's demeaning. You'd embarrass yourself,' " said one source. This went public when philanthropist Craig Kaplan and Green got into a screaming match at a recent event. Green has been running Air America, but word is he's looking to bail out before the liberal radio syndicate - launched by Al Gore, and originally featuring Al Franken - is shut down.
I wasn't even aware Dead Air America was still operating. Which makes one wonder why it's not part of the Democrat "stimulus" plan?

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