Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cuba to Obama: Hey, Just Hand Over Club Gitmo

I'm sure if they make a healthy contribution (properly laundered, of course) to Obama 2012, anything's negotiable.
CUBA'S Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque has called for the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay to be returned to Cuba and said he will invite the UN special investigator on torture to visit the island.

Mr Perez Roque said that US President Barack Obama's decision to close within a year the "war on terror" prison at the US naval base was positive but insufficient.

Cuba expected that Mr Obama's decision to close down the Guantanamo prison camp "is followed by the decision to close down the base and return that territory to the Cubans", a base that the United States "really does not need for its security and defence", Mr Perez Roque said today.

Mr Perez Roque also said that the United Nations' torture investigator, Manfred Nowak, will be invited next week "so that he can visit our country during the course of the current year".

Cuba will also ratify "in the next days" the UN international convention against forced disappearances, Mr Perez Roque said.

"Cuba is a country where over the past 50 years there has not been ... a single person that has gone missing. Nor has anyone been tortured, nor has there been a single extra-judicial execution," Mr Perez Roque said.
A regular laugh riot, this guy.

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