Friday, January 30, 2009

Nick “Pop” Popaditch on Red Eye (VIDEO)

Ret. USMC Gunnery Sgt., Nick Popaditch was on Red Eye last night, and he talked about his book and website, "Once a Marine." Gunny Pop is a true hero, enlisting in the Marines in 1986. He's got a powerful story to tell, and I was so pleased to see him on as a guest last night.

Gunny was in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the battle for Fallujah, Gunny was hit in the head by an RPG, and lost his right eye. He's got a very cool prosthetic eye, although I'm sure he'd like to have his real eye back, but he's got a gold Marine Corps. eagle emblem emblazoned on that prosthesis.

Good stuff! God bless ya, Gunny. I hope to see more of you on TV soon. America needs to see more of our troops, and I couldn't think of a more cool guy to represent our military men and women than Gunny.

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