Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do The French Get The Whole Idea Of Work?

Hey, listen, far be it for me to judge the average French worker, who has to slave away at a government mandated 35-hour workweek, and quite frankly I might be all for some of these ideas over here too, but I don't think any of these things are going to make you more productive.
French businesses believe that chocolate fountains, coloured cushions and sex scenes could help to get a reluctant nation back to work.
In this country that would bring a whole slew of lawsuits filed by all of the personal injury lawyers with waiting rooms full of people hoping to win our latest version of the lottery.
Instants de Bonheur also stages surprise office tea parties – costing up to £25,000 – with gastronomic delicacies such as chocolate bars with Roquefort cheese and foie gras or chocolate fountains, into which employees can dip exotic fruit.
$50,000 for fruit and chocolate? Haven't they heard that the world economy is collapsing around their ears. Who the hell eats Roquefort cheese anyway?

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