Saturday, January 24, 2009

He's Back: John Rocker In Anti-Semitic Rant

Here's one guy who should probably keep a low profile. I always thought he got a bad rap after his comments back in 2000, but he apparently hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut.
JOHN Rocker - the former Atlanta Braves pitcher despised by New Yorkers for his racist, homophobic and sexist slurs nine years ago - is flapping his jerky yap once again, this time lobbing a fastball at Jews.

A source tells us the pea-brained athlete was in Rande Gerber's Whisky Blue Bar in Atlanta Thursday night when he got into a fight with Steak Shapiro - a broadcaster on Sports Radio 790 The Zone, who has been critical of Rocker on the air.

"Rocker went on a rampage, calling Shapiro a 'fat Jewish bastard,' an 'a - - hole' and a '[bleep],' " our source said. "Everyone was mortified and he was immediately ejected from the bar."

Asked about the incident, Gerber told Page Six, "As soon as I heard his racist remarks. I immediately had him escorted out."

Rocker, who today heads up a so-called "Speak English Campaign," said through his spokeswoman, Debi Curzio: "It wasn't that big of a deal. Steak Shapiro approached me and made a couple of obnoxious comments. He instigated the incident."

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