Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taxachusetts: Obama Pal Sweet on Soda, Candy and Booze Tax

Cut wasteful government spending and bloated bureaucracy? Hell, no. Just grab for more, jack up the taxes on anything in sight, then raise the taxes again when you don't realize the projected revenue since everyone will just cross the border to neighboring states.

These tax-and-gouge liberals just never learn. But the suckers in Massachusetts keep voting for them.
Desperate to close a $1.1 billion budget gap, Gov. Deval Patrick wants to tack the state’s 5 percent sales tax on booze, candy and soda, sources say.

Alcohol sales are taxed at 5 percent in bars and restaurants but are currently exempted from state sales taxes in package stores, and Patrick plans to remove that exemption, along with the exemptions on candy and soda, sources told the Herald. It has been estimated an alcohol sales tax could raise close to $90 million.
And that's just from the Kennedy revenue stream. Seriously, though, they'll never see that kind of money. Consumers will find their way around it for the most part.

Patrick needs to learn from his buddy David Paterson in New York and call these taxes fees. The dummies always fall for that. Make them feel guilty and cut a discount for diet sodas, all in the name of the children, of course.

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