Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vegetarian Sues, Says Boss Called Him 'Homo'

Looks like we're going to need vegetarian rights legislation to rectify this long-held pattern of discrimination in the workplace.
A New York City foreign-currency trader has filed a lawsuit claiming he was harassed and fired because his supervisor believed he was a gay vegetarian.

Manhattan resident Ryan Pacifico says he traded euros for Calyon in the Americas and did well until late 2006, when Robert Catalanello became his supervisor.

Court papers say when Catalanello learned Pacifico didn't eat meat, he called him "a vegetarian homo." The papers say Catalanello made a similar comment when he saw a photo of Pacifico in running tights.

Pacifico's lawyer Rick Ostrove said Wednesday his client married a woman in August and isn't gay.

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