Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comedy Gold: The Drunken Dancing Aborigine

Sure, maybe the cops shouldn't have been the ones to film this, but hey, I'm not here for any morality plays, boys and girls. If it's funny, it's getting posted.

And this is funny.
A LAUGHING police officer told a drunk Aboriginal man to sing and dance while he filmed the act, with the footage later posted on YouTube.

The video shows a heavily intoxicated Aborigine lying on the ground in the Northern Territory town of Katherine.

He starts singing The Rivers of Babylon at the behest of a police officer who is filming the incident.

A second officer then drags the man to his feet while the officer taking the footage laughs and tells him to dance and say "Happy Birthday Blake".

The Aboriginal man, who is staggering and appears close to falling, continues to sing and dances about in a circle before being directed towards a police car.

The officer filming the incident then turns the camera on himself and says: "This s... is f....d up, f....d up''.

The video has prompted outrage from some online viewers.
The only outrage I have is it's been on YouTube for months but I don't recall seeing it.

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