Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kerik Plays the Geithner Defense

Now that the freshly-confirmed tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is safely in office, expect plenty of this.
Disgraced ex-top cop Bernard Kerik wants to be treated more like Timothy Geithner.

In new court papers, the former police commissioner complains that the feds want to send him to prison for the same sort of problems that officials overlooked in Geithner, whom the Senate confirmed yesterday as treasury secretary.

In an obvious reference to Geithner's tax troubles, Kerik's lawyers in White Plains federal court cited "recent events" showing that the vetting process for presidential appointees is "an imperfect one, during which mistakes and omissions occur."

While Geithner was allowed to pay his back taxes, Kerik was "treated differently" in his tax-fraud indictment, his lawyers charged.
Of course Kerik was treated differently. He's associated with Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush.

Don't people realize Democrats get preferential treatment?

C'mon, Bernie, you know better.

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