Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great News! The Left Finally Love the Police

Sadly, it took the murder of three Pittsburgh police officers today, but the left has finally embraced the brave men and women of law enforcement today with an outpouring of affection and respect.

Oh wait, no they haven't. In fact, they haven't uttered a word about respecting the police or showing sympathy for the families of those killed by some nutcase.

Instead, they're blaming this on, um, Glenn Beck.

Funny, but when four police officers were murdered in Oakland a couple of weeks ago, I don't recall anyone blaming it on liberals, Air America or MSNBC.

Funny how that works.

Let's take a sampling from the fever swamps today, shall we?

At Balloon Juice, John Cole offers this subtle analysis, calling it Glenn Beck's America. I suppose when those four cops were murdered in Oakland we should have called it what, Jesse Jackson's America? Barack Obama's America? Ron Dellums' America?

Please, someone enlighten me.

Also piling on Glenn Beck is the very unstable John Amato, who also blames the NRA.

Again, we've had thousands of police officers murdered in the line of duty the past several decades, the overwhelming majority killed in urban areas. So I guess the kneejerk reaction to all of those homicides should be to blame it on failed liberal policies in cities controlled by Democrats, correct? Hey, if you want to play that game, let's assign blame for every murder to the killer's party affiliation and ideology, OK? You folks really want to go down that road?

By all means then, it's game on.

Meanwhile, there's a call for the right to lower the temperature a bit.

Funny, but for eight years of the Bush presidency, I don't recall similar pleas for the left to dial it down.

While I'm not one who ascribes to paranoid fears of an "Obama gun grab" or the notion that we'll wake up tomorrow without a Second Amendment, I can understand the fears of gun owners who've had to continue the vociferous fight to maintain gun rights over the years. Considering there are over 50 million gun owners out there in America today who did not commit a crime with their weapons, I believe reflexive reactions to pin the blame on a talk show host or to even suggest today's tragic events in Pittsburgh can be assigned to a political party are disingenuous at best and rather disgusting.

But if those on the left want to play that game, then by all means every time a police officer is murdered then we can play along.

As always, as someone with many relatives in law enforcement and who has seen friends killed in the line of duty, I express my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of those killed in Pittsburgh today. Maybe those on the left who are pointing the finger at Glenn Beck can find the time to also pass along their sympathies.

If they actually have any.

Update: Apparently it's all our fault.

In the comments, a vicious far-left blogger, who apparently is also a racist, says we "own this". He apparently has a very short memory, especially from that time when he suggested shooting another blogger.

Classy guy, that T-Bag.

Thanks to Curt at Flopping Aces for the link. Image of the fallen officers added.

More on the perp here.
Records indicate that Mr. Poplawski was dishonorably discharged from the corps during basic training. Friends said he wanted out so he could rejoin his girlfriend.

When that relationship failed, Mr. Poplawski moved for two years to Florida where he worked as a glazier, helping to asemble and replace windows. He returned here in 2006 or 2007.

Mr. Poplawski collaborated with Mr. Perkovic on an Internet show that featured clips --- sometimes from local news broadcasts, other times video from around the town --- where they discussed politics.

Mr. Poplawski lived with his mother and grandmother in Stanton Heights. Friends said his parents had split years ago and that his father "was totally out of the picture."
Using the left's logic, we can now also blame the Marines, women, his mother and his grandmother, in addition to Glenn Beck. Of course we have no knowledge he's ever watched or listened to Glenn Beck, but why disrupt a good narrative?

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