Sunday, April 12, 2009

Washington Post Snags World Exclusive

They've really gone downhill from the "glory days" of Woodward and Bernstein.

Now their big exclusive is what the Obama's are naming their dog.

Good grief.
The Washington Post reported in its online editions Saturday night that Obama's daughters chose the name Bo for the pup because first lady Michelle Obama's father was nicknamed Diddley. The name for the dog was an apparent reference to the singer "Bo" Diddley.

White House aides told the AP that the office of the first lady arranged an exclusive deal on the dog story with the Post. The officials, who demanded anonymity because of the deal with the Post on exclusive details, said the dog was not in the White House as of Saturday evening.

Throughout the day Saturday, celebrity Web sites and bloggers were abuzz with rumors of the first family's selection of a Portuguese water dog; one site even claimed it had pictures of the future first pet.

The president had embraced the frenzy: "Oh, man, now, that's top secret," Obama joked Friday to reporters.
There was intense speculation surrounding the naming of the dog and early word leaked it would be named Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann, but the dog wasn't servile enough so they settled on Bo.

The breathless WaPo covereage is here, if anyone really cares. Word has it the Post is now working on an exclusive report as to which kind of toilet paper the Obama's like to wipe with.

I see Tbag the blogstalker linked here. Somehow he translates this post as me hating dogs. Well, I don't really hate dogs. Speaking of dogs, I saw his boss make an idiot of herself in DC yesterday and she's actually not that bad looking in the canine sense. I might even let her teabag me if I were really drunk, although I've never quite been that desperate.

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