Friday, April 03, 2009

What Planet Is He Living On? Bloomberg Calls Al Sharpton a 'Calming Influence on the City'

Seriously, was Michael Bloomberg living in New York during the days of Tawana Brawley and during the Dinkins administration?

Calling this thuggish racial arsonist a calming influence is a slap in the face to the decent people of New York.

Just ridiculous.
Mayor Bloomberg heaped praise on outspoken activist the Rev. Al Sharpton Thursday, calling him a "calming influence on the city."
Bloomberg, who is running for a third term, showed his reverence for the reverend before speaking at the preacher's annual National Action Network Convention.

"In all fairness, Al Sharpton has been an awful lot more of a calming influence on the city and helper to the city than most people give him credit for," said Bloomberg.

"I don't agree with him everything but on balance I've become, over the years, a Sharpton fan," the mayor added.
Good grief.

Meanwhile, Greasy Joe is also coming to pander. One can only wonder what words of praise he has in store.
Vice President Joe Biden is the featured speaker on a day devoted to education equality at the annual convention of the Rev. Al Sharpton's civil rights group.

Rachel Nordlinger, a spokeswoman for National Action Network, says Biden is expected to touch on voter rights and the economy as well as education reform.
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