Thursday, April 16, 2009

'The Whole Meeting Was Really Kind of Creepy'

Hard to believe, but an NBC outlet is actually worried someone might be mean to the Dear Leader.

Can't have any of that.

When you think about it, the endless slobbering over Obama at MSNBC should more than make up for it, no?
THE top suits and some of the on-air talent at CNBC were recently ordered to a top-secret meeting with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker to discuss whether they've turned into the President Obama-bashing network, Page Six has learned.

"It was an intensive, three-hour dinner at 30 Rock which Zucker himself was behind," a source familiar with the powwow told us. "There was a long discussion about whether CNBC has become too conservative and is beating up on Obama too much. There's great concern that CNBC is now the anti-Obama network. The whole meeting was really kind of creepy."
I thought the memo had already gone out that those meanies at Fox News represented the anti-Obama network?
One topic under the microscope, our insider said, was on-air CNBC editor Rick Santelli's rant two months ago about staging a "Chicago Tea Party" to protest the president's bailout programs -- an idea that spawned tax protest tea parties in other big cities, infuriating the White House. Oddly, Santelli was not at the meeting, while Jim Cramer was, noted our source, who added that no edict was ultimately handed down by the network chieftains.
Huh? The tea parties infuriated the White House? Why, just yesterday, Obama's stooge pretended they had no idea there were tea parties.

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