Monday, August 16, 2010

Carl Levin Gets Pie in the Face From Radical Teabagger

Mob mentality

You didn't think those wild-eyed, raucous teabaggers were taking a break from their wave of violence, did you?

Oh, wait.
A Coldwater woman was arrested Monday morning in Big Rapids after she threw a pie in the face of U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. during a question-and-answer session of the senator's visit at Pepper's Cafe and Deli in downtown Big Rapids.

Ahlam Mohsen, 23, a Michigan State University senior, was arrested by the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety after the incident. The assault came after a speech by another protester, Max Kantar, 23, of Big Rapids, who criticized Levin - chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee - for his stance on U.S. foreign policy issues, including "Israel war crimes against the Palestinian people." After Mohsen pied the long-time senator, both she and Kantar fled from Pepper's.

"Carl Levin is one of the most respected senators in Congress," Mohsen said. "People tend to blame the war on Republicans, but we wanted to target Levin today to send a message that liberals and Democrats are just as implicated in the violence as the Republicans."
I wonder what she'd have done if she didn't respect Levin.

ABC reports it was Dutch apple pie.

Mmmm. Pie.

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