Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'They Did the Right Thing - They Just Didn't Do It the Right Way'

Don't these clueless Democrats realize The Obama does what he wants, when he wants, their feelings be damned?

It's all about The O, suckers.
Democrats complain they were blindsided when President Obama weighed in on the Ground Zero mosque and handed the GOP a new club to beat them with.

Capitol Hill Democrats, including those facing tough races, were not told in advance before Obama's Friday night speech defending Muslims' rights to build a mosque in lower Manhattan.

While Mayor Bloomberg knew ahead of time what Obama intended to say at the Ramadan dinner at the White House, New York Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand were kept in the dark, sources said.
Now if I recall correctly last Friday I wasn't paying much attention to the news but could swear there were media accounts that Obama was addressing the Muslim dinner in Washington. Oh right, there were.

Now considering the mosque issue has been a red-hot one for several weeks at least, Obama would be pandering to this esteemed group and word was out he was likely to speak about it, how can these buffoons Schumer and his puppet Gillibrand be caught off guard? What, was Chuckie busy rehearsing a speech about the evils of baggage fees or something? Or is he just too feckless to take a stand and be prepared to defend it?
Several Democratic campaign operatives complained that without a heads-up, they did not have the time to war-game how to handle questions from the news media or GOP attacks.

"They did the right thing - they just didn't do it the right way," lamented another Democratic source.
They've had several months to "war-game" a response. Considering Schumer and Gillibrand are the senators from New York, one would think they'd have a clue or would have taken a position by now.

Assorted thoughts and reaction on the mosque here.

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